Self Portrait as a Dirty Jaded Raver…

Self Portrait as a Dirty Jaded Raver
S.P.D.J.R, Mixed media, 200cm x 240cm, 2009.

The Dirty Jaded Ravers are a group of individuals who, as the name implies, had an awfully fun time in the Melbourne dance scene at the turn of the century. Facing nearly a decade of bright lights, thumping bass and truly crazy times, many found themselves faced with the decision to bow out gracefully and settle in Caroline Springs or to get involved in the scene they love.

From humble beginnings and random meetings, the Dirty Jaded Ravers have grown to form a large social group active in the arts, music and charity events. Included amongst the impressive group of ex-ravers are some of the scene’s much-loved DJ’s, producers and promoters, as well as established and emerging artists, musicians, graphic designers, photographers, fashion designers and multi-media artists.

Being fortunate enough to find so many like-minded people with the benefit of maturity and the knowledge they’ve survived the best (and the worst) of the Melbourne dance scene, the Dirty Jaded Ravers have evolved to create an environmentally aware and socially conscious group that combines dance music and charity events with creative endeavours and random adventures.


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