I am more interested in the marks we leave behind than those we try to make; the thing that happens when we’re not looking, the line that leads us elsewhere…

Much like a musical sample or patchwork fabric, I reuse and recycle previous works and canvas, cutting them up and casting them amongst new landscapes. I refer to these as “contemporary leftovers”, a collection of disjointed stories, themes and ideas sewn together across time and space.

Driven by a desire to create, construct and connect, my work shifts between the graphic and gestural, combining elements of drawing, painting, printing and collage.


Made by People, interview, 2014.

The Arts Show, interview with Alex McCulloch, 2014.

Dance Macabre, essay by Ashley Crawford, 2014.

Busy Playing Art, documentary by Alexandra Bignell & Peter Wolf Lowe, 2012.

Busy Playing Art, article by Taran Marston (Substance), 2012.

Nostalgia for the Future, essay by Rodney Forbes, 2012.

Organised Chaos in Art, interview with The West Australian, 2009.

Movement Mashes, interview with Art Re-Source, 2009.

Movement Mashes, movie by Ubermash Productions, 2009.

S.P.D.J.R, movie by Ubermash Productions, 2009.

The Act of Sampling, essay by Louise Tegart, 2007.

Contemporary Leftovers, essay by Clive Murray-White, 2005.

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